The 5 smartest marketing trends to break into in 2017/18

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September 25, 2017
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October 11, 2017

Trends are known to come and go, so making sure you’re aware of emerging opportunities can better equip you to break into the marketing sector. As entrepreneurs we create a product with the intention to diminish a market gap and fulfil a consumer need. However, it’s common our consumer may not know what they need until the product exists. Therefore jumping on emerging marketing trends is so important and, in a way, other businesses success can reaffirm the potential success of your own startup.

  1. Chat and Chat bots

CNN has employed a Facebook Chat Bot, in which consumers can locate and find out more about a specific story easier.

The content and marketing around Chat and Chat Bots has increased dramatically over the past year. Machine Learning (ML) and Bots generate structured content into controlled conversations, whether they be open or closed conversations. ML at the moment operate quite poorly within the open conversation space but they’re slowly getting better and it will only continue to improve.

Fun fact: There are more active chat users than there are people in India and China. If a demand that high isn’t more reason to jump on this marketing media trend, then I don’t know what is. (REFERENCE)

2. Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI powered content creation is another uprising trend as essentially it provides a solution to the struggle of production and time. Some media organisations have employed the use of so-called ‘robot journalists’, a program created by the Automated Insights platform which provides “auto generated, data-heavy articles”.

Automated Insights has developed a way to automatically create content and articles by taking structured data and translating that into the targeted audience’s language. It’s mostly used to create stories that are currently unfeasible to be written by journalists, such as large scale financial data reports, or on articles where the quantum of the outcome is reasonably predictable such as sport and game match reports.

3. Live and Video

Video and live recording has been around for years, however companies that have structured their business model around capturing video content are uprising. Storyful is a social, licensed, newswire product which sells content to various news media organisations. They hire journalists and employ algorithms who sift through a range of content and license content that would be of interest to news organisations and then sell directly to them. Storyful is an example of a company that has created a business model surrounding content that already exists and is generated frequently.

4. Breaking the advertising model

There is a lot of innovation going around with what used to be known as ‘the advertising model’. Companies such as CoinSpark try to create revenue generation and distribution opportunities for consumers. Using block-chain technology to generate content sourcing distribution which then passes back revenue to the people who distribute and/or create that content.

5. Participatory media

Platforms that stimulate participation are becoming incredibly successful, an example of this is Medium. Medium is a content network that is trying to develop a community of content creators who create premium long form content. The whole idea of a participatory platform is that the content is free for everyone. Medium recently raised $80mil in equity from tech investors.


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