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October 11, 2017
Lotus, locus, control, growth, mindset
Leader, Lotus, and Locus of Control: similarities on a path to growth
October 12, 2017

Welcome to The Fast Growth Tribe.


Whether you’re a start-up business or one that is well established – learning new ways to optimise business growth will always be relevant.


For start-up businesses it’s essential to determine what will drive your start-up and attract initial customers. For established businesses who are well defined within an industry, it’s crucial to differentiate your business in order to draw buyers to your product/service over that of your competitors.


The Fast Growth Tribe is a community built on businesses all wanting to step up their pace of growth. A place where business owners can network with others and be supported through access to expertly-curated online content and regular growth events and seminars.


Our aim is to provide the tools and techniques educating businesses on how to optimise long-term growth and how to keep it that way.


Over the last 10 years our founder, Anup Batra, is a serial entrepreneur with 21 years experience in digital marketing.  He is a keynote speaker and a business strategist. He has grown a variety of companies including Telstra, Commonwealth Bank,

Hermes, and Fuji Xerox, through his unique growth approach – a combination of business differentiation and attraction of the right consumers. Anup believes that the internet is a level playing field and his passion is to help small to mid-size companies take on the big boys.


With 3 membership levels to choose, we cater for every business’ needs.

LEVEL 1: access to online growth content + fortnightly growth breakfasts.

LEVEL 2: level 1 benefits + quarterly masterclasses.

LEVEL 3: level 2 benefits + one-on-one coaching + 3 retreats annually to unique travel destinations.


The first step towards business growth and expansion is networking. Get started today – join the Fast Growth Tribe and start your growth journey.


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