What business growth phase are you in?

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November 21, 2017

What is the biggest challenge right now for you and your company?

What best reflects your current business structure?

What best describes your staff roles?

How would you describe staff training within your company?

How does internal reporting function within your company?

What is your business risk strategy?

What are your top goals for the next 12 months?

Looking at the past three years, how quickly would you say your company responded to global market changes?

Our company, product or service fills a defined gap in the marketplace.

With the onset of COVID, we believe more than 50% of the companies in our industry will need to reinvent to survive.

What business growth phase are you in?

SPROUTING: Keep pushing through the soil, your business is sprouting!

SEEDLING: Spring up, your business is a seedling!

BUDDING: Bloom and blossom, your business is budding!

BLOOMING: Aromatic and unfurling, your business is blooming!

RIPENING: Delicious, fresh, and ready to eat, your business is ripening!

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